Diabetes Tips 24-7

“Every day may not be good... but there’s something good in every day.”

Alice Morse Earle

This site is primarily geared around Type 2 Diabetes. Most of the help shown is for people with prediabetes or type 2. Some of the information may help Type 1 Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes is a cluster of symptoms without a definite cause. Yes, High sugar is a symptom… not diabetes by itself. Everyone, diabetics and non-diabetics, sugar levels fluctuate. Type 1 is different in that, it is an autoimmune disorder that kills the beta cells in the pancreas, causing insulin to not be produced.

  • Food Dilemmas

    Simply put ... balance the protein, fat and carb portions. Take what you like and add ingredients to make them diabetes friendly.

  • Activity

    Not everyone can exercise the way it is suggested. Sometimes you have physical issues, (like me), and can't walk every day. You may have to learn different ways to keep your sugar levels in check.

  • Monitors

    Deciding what is right for you mainly comes down to two areas. First, what your doctor thinks. Second, what your insurance will allow. Many insurances will pay for standard finger stick monitors. When it comes to (CGM)'s Continuous Glucose Monitors, your insurance may be a little bit picky on what they will pay for.

  • (CAM) Complimentary & Alternative Medicine

    It's meant to work with your treatment. It's the "whole body wellness" approach to diabetes. Not only that, but it can be tailored around the individual for their best results.

  • Tech, Gadgets & Apps

    You've heard it before,,, "There's an app for that"! Not just that, but gadgets have evolved too. It makes managing everything from food to monitoring easier.

  • Medications and Side Effects

    If the side effects are worse than the diabetes, you may want to talk to your doctor about a change. Never... Never just quit without talking to your doctor.

Are there any positives to having diabetes?

> You can refuse any food you don’t want or like and blame diabetes, no one will argue.

> You can get away from anyone who annoys you by saying your sugar is too high/low.

> You get to meet some awesome people, fellow diabetics.

Food Is Important

Eat to heal or eat to manage

diabetic diet or meal plan

Why would you “diet” if diets don’t work? Diets typically tell you to “eat this…not that”. This is just fine if all you are looking to do is manage. If you’re looking to heal, there’s a different approach to food.

How Active Do You Need To Be

Manage levels

Any activity, beyond your normal, can go a long way to managing glucose levels. It’s about small steps. Starting anything is better than nothing. Don’t forget to monitor your glucose levels to make sure you stay within range.

Health for life

Now you’re seeing what works best for you. Take the time to look at videos, ask your doctor, and don’t forget to take your own physical health into account. With the right amount and type of activity, you can achieve more than glucose management.


Finger Stick

This is the first option for monitoring. Most insurances will cover this type of monitoring.


Continuous glucose monitors have come a long way. Depending on your insurance, you might be eligible to get a device.

More Than 1 Way to Manage Your Diabetes

It’s called (CAM) Complimentary & Alternative Medicine. It’s not meant to replace conventional approaches, but go along with them.

The weirdest things I've been told can cure diabetes?

> Stop taking insulin, your body will learn to adapt.

> If you don’t eat candy, cake or cookies anymore, you won’t have diabetes.

> Cinnamon and turmeric would allow my body to not need insulin anymore.


what's new

You can find information, products and gadgets to help make dealing with diabetes a little more pleasant.

Here you can also find a little humor to lighten your load. You are more than your diabetes. So you can see how a little humor may ease some of the frustration of diabetes burnout.


There are many apps to choose from. You need to ask yourself what you would like from the APP. Do you want…

  1. journal
  2. nutrition guide
  3. combination of both
  4. community conversations
  5. integrated tech
  6. shopping list creation
  7. newly diagnosed

Medications and Side Effects

Medications may be a necessary evil, but they can compound other problems. Make sure you talk to your doctor about all your concerns before you start taking any medication. If you develop a problem or think you’re having a reaction, call your doctor immediately.

This goes for supplements as well. If you are already taking supplements, tell your doctor. They may have you stop taking them. Some supplements can lessen the effectiveness, while others can have an adverse reaction.

Want to spread some inspiration?

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